What we do

IMPACT is a unique combination of chemistry research, hands-on process/product development, and industrial process engineering all under one roof.

Chemistry Definition

Often times, our clients come to us with a preliminary or target base chemistry for their technology that perhaps still needs further definition or optimization.

  • Isn’t consistently reproducible or robust.
  • Produces unwanted by-products thereby complicating down stream purification strategies.
  • Has unfavorable economics with proposed feedstocks or a large number of process steps.
  • Has excessive waste production or solvent use.
  • Employs highly hazardous chemicals that could be problematic at large scales

IMPACT has on-site chemistry expertise that can help work through bench-scale screening studies to address these and other issues to make sure a process chemistry is fully optimized and defined prior to moving into process development/scale-up activities.

Process/Product Development

Developing chemistry-based process and product technologies was the founding premise for the launch of IMPACT in 1998.  Since then, IMPACT has helped hundreds of clients worldwide develop and commercialize new technologies in the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semi-conductor, alternative energy, environmental, as well as many other industries.

Process/product development involves applying our core chemical engineering principles to develop and validate scalable manufacturing processes for our clients.  

  • Unit operations selection and manufacturing process flow definition
  • Mathematical/theoretical modeling of critical parameters such as reaction kinetics, heat flow, process separations, mixing processes, etc.
  • Integrated pilot testing and process optimization
  • Scaling factor determinations
  • An overall Definition of Technology, ready for full scale commercial implementation


With a Definition of Technology in hand, our clients are usually at a crossroads of either contracting out commercial manufacturing to a CMO or to build their own manufacturing facility.  For our CMO customers, we can assist with vendor selection and technology transfer from IMPACT to the CMO to insure a smooth transition.

For those who choose to construct their own manufacturing facility, IMPACT has in-house process engineering staff to prepare a Process Design Package (PDP) to be utilized by an EPC firm to facilitate construction of the new plant.

  • Front-End Loading Design packages (FEL-01/02/03)
  • Material & Energy Balance (M&EB)
  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)
  • Utility balances and Utility Flow Diagrams (UFDs)
  • Process control description/Instrument lists
  • Process equipment specifications/process datasheets
  • Major equipment vendor budget quotes
  • Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)
  • Process risk analysis (PHA, HAZOP, etc.)
  • Cost Estimates