About Us

IMPACT is a fully integrated contract process & product development, and optimization firm. 

Who We Help

We help clients from a broad spectrum of industries including: specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals/biopharmaceuticals, metallurgical processes, medical devices & diagnostics, and alternative energy sources such as solar power, bio-fuels, and energy recovery from waste.

We work with start ups, mid-sized companies, and Fortune 100 companies with the same level of high quality service.

IMPACT Expertise

Our in house expertise includes chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, biotechnology, material science, and engineering. 


When one of your innovation programs needs extra manpower, specialized expertise, or even just a different point-of-view, IMPACT can help.  We can also employ specialized tools and equipment that can help your program, and we can even handle pilot-scale manufacturing for you. IMPACT can help with a focused consultation or a turnkey development program… or anything in between.  Our flexible approach allows our clients to achieve development goals quickly and often for a fraction of the cost.

Who We Are

The IMPACT team is a diverse and tightly integrated group of seasoned engineers, designers, scientists, and manufacturing experts all focused on the goal of developing and commercializing successful processes and products. The passion, depth of experience, and talent of the team is what helps us achieve success for our clients. 

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