IMPACT was founded in 1998 by Dr. Mark Wilkinson, as a chemical engineering consulting firm focused on chemical process development and optimization.  Over the years, IMPACT has expanded its team, services, and target industries to meet evolving client needs.  In 2002, the addition of a dedicated sales and business development team spurred growth and significantly extended the company’s reach.  In 2004, IMPACT opened the IMPACT Development Center, creating significant new opportunities for in-house, turnkey innovation and process & product development services. 

Then in 2009, IMPACT expanded its offering further with the addition of process engineering capabilities to design new commercial facilities for technologies developed at IMPACT or elsewhere.  IMPACT follows Front End Loading (FEL) practices to create various levels of process definition, ultimately leading to a full Process Design Package (PDP) to be utilized by an EPC firm for detailed design and construction.

The success of IMPACT and our >95% client repeat record is a testament to our flexibility in meeting our clients’ goals in a rapid and cost effective way.  Our innovative “contract development” model provides shared access to highly skilled resources, specialty equipment/tools and infrastructure, and strategic development planning and execution expertise.  This allows our clients to achieve development goals quickly and often for a fraction of the cost of performing the work themselves.

Since the start of the company, the IMPACT team has innovated with several hundred clients throughout the United States and internationally.  Outside of the United States, our client base has included companies in Canada, South America, Europe, Japan, and India.

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