Our Core Approach

Since our beginning, IMPACT has been driven by the following core approach. From the start we set out to be a different kind of technology development company, one focused on the overall success of our clients and partners.

Success Oriented

At IMPACT, we understand that what we provide is a business service, so our team is highly focused on the business success of our partners and clients, not just completing a project. We seek to engage in projects that make good business sense for our clients by improving margins, reducing costs, and growing market share. At IMPACT, we adopt our clients’ goals as our own!

Collaborative and Multi-Disciplined

One team, focused on your success! IMPACT is an integrated, multidisciplinary team of researchers, designers and scientists driven to deliver complete and effective solutions for our clients. Every program benefits from the multiple viewpoints and approaches of our collaborative team.

Flexible Services

Our services range from small, simple consultations providing specialized technical expertise all the way to full, turn-key development programs executed by IMPACT staffing at our Development Center. Our flexibility allows us to listen to our clients and apply an appropriate custom level of service that meets the clients’ needs, budget, and schedules. 

Technology Protection

While providing our services, it is typically necessary for us to become intimately involved with confidential information regarding our clients’ core technology. We engage in development activities that often creates new intellectual property or trade secrets. Maintaining our clients’ confidentiality is paramount to the success of our business. Also, as we usually operate under a “service for hire” relationship, all new IP created is owned by our clients. Your technology and its growth are safe and protected with us!

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