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Metallurgical Processes

MPACT has a core competency in metallurgical and vitrification operations. IMPACT engineers are experienced in controlling chemical reactions within metallurgical and glass processes including slag, glass, matte, and metal chemistry. Typically, IMPACT utilizes these skills to help clients develop innovative first-of-a-kind applications of metallurgical processes including molten metal reactors.

Several members of the IMPACT team worked for Molten Metal Technology (MMT) in the 1990’s, a company that commercialized waste recycling via molten metal reactors, or solvation within liquid metal baths of varying composition (Fe, Cu, Sn, etc.) and controlled chemistry. The technology was applied to various hazardous wastes including radioactive spent ion exchange resins, chlorinated wastes, incinerator fly ash, and auto shredder residue.

During this tenure, the IMPACT team gained expertise in all areas of molten metal processing and downstream handling and has applied these skills to various IMPACT clients who require expertise in the following areas:

  • Molten metal reactor design including heat addition, containment, gas injection via tuyeres/lances, solids injection, and metal handling/tapping.
  • Off-gas handling systems from molten metal reactors including dust collection/recycling and gas scrubbing.
  • Extensive fluidic and thermodynamic modeling, both theoretical and practical, of molten metal systems for novel process/product developments and applications.
  • Safety Analysis

IMPACT applies its extensive high temperature metallurgical processing experience to metal-based crystallization technologies such as photovoltaic grade silicon manufacturing and sapphire production for military applications. These systems involve melting solid raw materials, at very high temperatures, and subsequent controlled cooling to achieve desired crystalline properties for commercial use.