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IMPACT’s chemical process development and engineering capabilities are broadly applicable across the chemical industry, ranging from specialty chemicals, metallic powders (Fe, Si, C), microelectronic high purity gases and liquids, specialty materials such as carbon nanotubes and crystals, and organometallic chemicals. IMPACT has expertise in all chemical process unit operations and can help with process design, scale-up, and optimization.

Our Experience list includes:

  • Reaction modeling and reactor design, all types including batch and continuous processes
  • Mixing Processes
  • Separation Technologies
  • Process Design and Scale-up
  • Controls and Automation
  • Troubleshooting, Failure and Hazard analysis including HAZOP, FMEA, Root Cause analysis
  • Technology Due Diligence

IMPACT can help your company develop, scale-up, and optimize chemical-based processes, including pilot scale testing at our Development Center.