Case Study – Voltaix Inc.

Rapid Scale-Up and Construction of Organosilane Plant


A specialty chemical company producing ultra high purity silanes and organosilanes for the semiconductor industry had an opportunity to launch a new chemical product initiative. Large orders for the new chemical product were available if the company could manufacture the product at capacities significantly greater than the current bench scale process. This would require the rapid construction of a small, semi-continuous operating plant. In addition, the first-of-a-kind nature of the project would require development and scale-up activities to occur simultaneously with plant design and construction. However, the company did not have the available internal resources to efficiently engineer and manage the project, thereby jeopardizing the market opportunity.


IMPACT provided engineering and project management personnel to design and oversee the construction of the plant so the company could move forward with launching the new chemical product.


IMPACT completed the design of the facility and oversaw all material procurement and construction activities. The plant was constructed on budget and per the client’s schedule, amongst changing requirements and a dynamic supply of support resources. The plant is now operational and the client has succeeded in capturing and even exceeding its target market share due to exceptional product quality and purity. The plant is also now being utilized to manufacture other chemical derivatives thereby expanding the company’s product portfolio.