Case Study – PneumaticScaleAngelus

Development of the World’s First Single-Use Centrifuge for Biomanufacturing, UniFuge®


With our strong core competency in process centrifugation, biomanufacturing, and single-use product development and manufacturing, IMPACT conceived a concept for a single-use process centrifuge to meet the current drive in the industry towards single-use processing.  IMPACT partnered with PneumaticScaleAngelus (PSA), a world leader in centrifuge manufacturing, to co-develop and commercialize the technology.


The IMPACT team successfully developed proof of concept prototypes for the single-use component along with a strong intellectual property position to protect the technology.  With PSA’s engineering support of the centrifuge platform, the teams collaboratively productized the technology into a commercially viable platform. 


The IMPACT and PSA teams were able to take a product concept on paper and develop a field ready test platform for client application testing in 15 months.  IMPACT’s cost effective “shared resource model” allowed us apply a team of seven specialists while only averaging 1.5 FTE of resources during this development period.


“PSA partnered with IMPACT for consulting and design services for a new machine.  The team at IMPACT was thorough, professional and efficient.  Our development time frame and cost was dramatically reduced as a result of partnering with IMPACT.  The project has been very successful to date and I expect it to continue.”

– Paul Kearney, Vice President of Sales, PneumaticScaleAngelus