Case Study – Centrifuge Expert Report

Development of Strategic Marketing and Technology Report on Centrifugation in Bio-Processing Industry


A major filtration company in the bio-pharmaceutical industry was losing market share to centrifugation in a number of application areas. The client needed a better understanding of centrifugation in order to launch an effective counterattack and regain market share. Knowledge of centrifugation within the company was sparse and unverified.


IMPACT personnel has a strong core competency in centrifugation having worked for many years selling, marketing, designing, and implementing most types of centrifuge technologies in the bio-pharmaceutical industry.  IMPACT was able to prepare a 70-page strategic report on centrifugation that covered:

  • technology design fundamentals for all centrifuges used in the bio-pharmaceutical industry
  • strengths/weaknesses of centrifugation in a broad range of applications
  • economic data including equipment capital and operating costs
  • future outlook on new centrifuge technologies in development
  • opportunities for strategic positioning against centrifugation


The client readily incorporated the report findings to launch new strategic initiatives against centrifugation, focusing on applications that IMPACT felt had the greatest opportunities of success due to the strengths of filtration technology. The client was so receptive to the information that IMPACT was asked to present the contents of the report at the client’s annual sales meeting in order to disseminate the information to the entire sales organization.

IMPACT was subsequently contacted by two other leading filtration companies for similar services with regards to centrifugation expertise.