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Alternative Energy & Bio-Fuels

Today, the World relies heavily on fossil fuels and nuclear power to generate its electricity. The result is a system that lacks diversity and security, threatens our health, jeopardizes the stability of Earth’s climate, and endangers our future generations from having clean air, clean water, and energy independence. Fortunately, renewable energy resources such as wind, solar, bioenergy, and waste to energy technologies are capable of meeting a significant proportion of our energy needs, and can help alleviate many of the problems mentioned above while providing other important benefits.

In the solar industry, IMPACT typically works with clients in developing high temperature technologies focused on harnessing energy from the sun in concentrated solar power (CSP) towers and also producing the photovoltaic grade silicon used in solar collection devices.

IMPACT has extensive experience in bioenergy technologies including cellulosic ethanol production (enzymatic and chemical based), ABE Butanol production from sugar cane/beets, biomethane production from dairy and agricultural wastes, algae based technologies, as well as others.

IMPACT has also worked to develop and optimize waste to energy technologies including pyrolysis and molten metal solvation of municipal, construction, chemical, and other wastes and the subsequent conversion (both chemical and biochemical) into gas and liquid fuels. IMPACT provides expertise in development, modeling, and design of many types of reactors and separation processes (e.g., solids-liquid, gas-liquid, gas purification) that are critical to the environmental performance and economics of these processes.